General Information

AUC is a private, independent, not-for-profit institution. Enrollment is not limited to residents of Haïti, but distinction is made in tuition and fees on the basis of whether the applicant received and successfully completed formal secondary-level schooling in Haïti. Students are admitted to the University when they have completed the application procedures and fulfilled all admission requirements. The completed application form, the required non-refundable application fee, and all supporting information and documentation should be submitted to the Admission Office in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Applicants are strongly urged to apply at least one month prior to registration for any particular semester. An applicant can apply for admission to the University for the upcoming semester or any semester thereafter, admission is granted on a first-come first-served basis.

Misrepresentation of any information provided during the application process may be grounds for refusal or expulsion.


Transcripts must be forwarded to the University to be considered along with the application. Applicants should hold a secondary-school certificate (BACC II), or its equivalent to be considered for admission.

Admission to the Freshman Class

Applicants who have never attended a university as a regular student, or who have attended another school but have earned fewer than 32 credit hours are considered freshmen. AUC has an open-admission policy. The decision on an application for admission to the freshman class will be based on an evaluation of the transcripts or other documents submitted for admission.

An applicant for the freshman class must be a graduate of a secondary school or its equivalent, or have a GED with an average score of at least 45 on each part, or a combined score of 225.

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit the following documents to be considered for admission: a completed application form with a non-refundable application fee, a complete official transcript from a lyceum or accredited high school, or an official GED certificate to the Admissions Office. Because of the constant fluctuation of the Haitian gourde, we urge applicants to contact the admission office for the current application fee. An incomplete transcript will only be accepted if the applicant is still in lyceum or high school at the time of application, but a final official transcript must be submitted following graduation from lyceum or high school.

Freshman applicants who have attended another college or university must submit a complete official transcript from their lyceum or high school, and all college work. In addition, the application must include a recent medical report (within the previous three months), one letter of recommendation, and an essay in either English or French which describes the applicant’s academic goals.

If already taken, the applicant should submit SAT or ACT test scores. Please, contact the admission office for any additional information or documentation.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are required  to prove their English proficiency by obtaining a pre-determined score on the Michigan English Placement Test.

Academic credits from recognized institutions may be transferred upon approval of the student’s academic department. However, at least four consecutive semesters or full-time course work must be completed in residence at AUC.

An applicant with more than 32 semester hours of credit will be admitted as either a sophomore, junior, or senior.

Transfer students must submit a completed application with the required application fee; official transcripts from all schools, colleges, and universities previously attended.

An incomplete transcript may be accepted if the applicant is still enrolled at another institution at the time of application; however, a final transcript must be submitted as soon as course work at the other institution is complete. Transcripts will be evaluated and credit awarded for acceptable work by the Registrar.

Students who are on academic probation at another institution may be admitted, but their academic progress will be periodically reviewed to determine if their progress has been satisfactory. They will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Adult Students

Adult students will be treated like any other student. Regardless of age, if a prospective student meets all of the requirements for admission, he or she will be admitted.


Students in good standing who have been absent for more than one semester (four months) will be required to reapply for admission. In addition, they must meet current catalog requirements in their chosen field of study.

The cost of readmission is equivalent to the cost of admission.

All students seeking readmission must submit official transcripts from every post-secondary institution they have attended since they were last enrolled at AUC.

International Students

International students who plan to attend AUC must submit the following: a completed application form, the required application fee in Haitian gourde, and official transcript from all secondary and post-secondary institutions attended, a recent medical examination (within the past three months); results of SAT, ACT, or equivalent examination, a letter of academic recommendation, a letter of character recommendation, an essay in either French or English on the applicant’s scholastic goals, and fees for not less than three semesters of schooling (not less than 36 hours) in Haitian gourde. The application packet should be submitted to the Admission Office where additional information may be needed.

Non-Degree Status

Credits from other institutions will be evaluated, and if accepted, will be transferred to the student’s transcript prior to the granting of degree-seeking status.

Students who intend to earn a degree at AUC are urged to register under degree-seeking status to assure proper academic advisement and course selection to avoid costly duplication of courses.

Special Admission Requirements/Information

All students are advised to inquire about special admissions requirements in addition to the University’s general admission policies. Further information is available from the Admission Office.