Activities & Programs


At the American University of the Caribbean our athletics programs, be they basketball, soccer, volleyball are a vital part of the university. These programs are built on helping our student-athletes realize their potential, discover themselves, strengthen their character and empower their minds while developing self-confidence and valuable leadership skills. It is more than just winning on the field, it is about creating Haiti leaders of tomorrow. Our athletic programs are predicated on the philosophy that success in the classroom and positive participation in the university’s life will lead to success on the athletic field.


Leadership Development is a fundamental component of getting involved at the American University of the Caribbean (AUC). Students have ample opportunity to learn valuable skills that will translate into their daily lives. Being a young university, AUC offers many learning opportunities to learners. Our goal is to provide students the knowledge and guidance to practice these skills in the roles they take on while at AUC.

At AUC, we are dedicated to helping our students develop as a leader by offering a number of leadership opportunities. Among the opportunities we have, we hope that our students find ones that challenge and guide them in becoming a well-rounded individual.

Whatever previous leadership experiences our students have, AUC will give them the support necessary to reach their full potential, and to make a real difference in the community and world around them.

Students can find leadership opportunities by taking on the following roles:

  • Leadership Workshops and Programs
  • Student Government Executive Board
  • English Club