Undergraduate Programs

The American University of the Caribbean is built on the idea of preparing professionals with strong academic excellence through career-oriented programs and a spirit of innovation. These professionals will be the change agents to foster the positive change they want to see in the Haitian economy. The University has three colleges: The college of Agriculture and Environmental Science, the College of Business Administration and Management and the College of Civil Engineering. In addition, the university’s Continuing Education Program offers four certificate programs in Accounting, Spanish, Computer Science and English.

Core Courses
College of Agriculture
College of Business
College of Engineering

Recognizing the need for students to become acquainted with the major branches of human knowledge, AUC places a strong emphasis on a liberal exposure to the arts, humanities, and sciences through its Basic Studies Program. The core curriculum encompasses a group of courses, or basic studies, upon which a student establishes a firm foundation upon which to build the remainder of their education.
The core courses provide a strong foundation in language and writing skills, improve reading and speaking skills, explore new concepts in mathematics, biology, geology, and computer science. In addition, they prepare the student to better examine history and economics.

Most of the basic studies courses will be taken in the first two years. Courses that are required in the freshman year are marked. Why these courses are required during the first year of university is explained. University life, to include the social aspects as well as the academic demands of it, is not like high school, Haitian College, or finishing the requirements of BAC I or BAC II. University life allows a student more options, more choices, more freedoms, and more opportunities to succeed. No one decides whether the student attends class or not —the student himself must decide and follow through. Time management is required on the part of the student because they have to juggle time commitments.

University life at AUC propels the student into continuous use of the English language, not just into reading and school assignments, but also into every day transactions, and interactions with the faculty and staff. To succeed at AUC, it is our wish that every student succeeds. Students need to immerse themselves in English, manage time effectively, cope with the stress sometimes associated with a new environment, and make a quantum leap from being told what to do and when to do it to deciding for themselves.

The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) has two specific goals:

To give our students a comprehensive and solid foundation in Agroforestry and in Environmental Studies of plant and soil sciences, ecology, horticulture, and methods of forestation and soil conservation.

To make a Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and Environment degree program so thorough that the knowledge a student gains will be applicable in all geographical areas and climates, yet specific enough so that the graduate can immediately address the needs of Haiti.

Currently, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science offers a bachelor’s degree program in Agroforestry. Matriculating Agroforestry students will embark on an intense and highly technical course of studies, which will include not only classroom work, but also laboratory applications and studies, and field practicum.

For more information about the program, please contact the Admission Office.

The mission of the College of Business Administration and Management at AUC is to be a nationally recognized provider of managerial and business leadership through innovative experiential learning in a challenging regional and national business environment. The program intends to combine real world education with outstanding research and strategic outreach.

Founded in 2014, the mission statement confirms our commitment to making a positive contribution to the Haitian economy through academic excellence and experiential learning.  We are committed to helping our students achieve their highest potential through applied research.  We believe that an excellent business education in today’s Haitian economy requires a clear local, regional and international perspective to better identify and address challenges experienced by workers, street merchants, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and the greater community.

The College of Business Administration and Management currently offers a bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration.

As a leader in higher education in Southern Haiti, AUC is committed to improving the quality of Haiti’s economy through a business program structured with an-eye towards international business models. The College of Business is identified with excellent research-oriented faculty and eager-to-learn students. It aspires to be a nationally and internationally recognized institution in key strategic areas of research, innovation and business leadership.

The School of Engineering at the American University of the Caribbean thrives to achieve excellence in education, research and professional service. Its mission is to be the leader in engineering leadership in greater Southern region and nationally, to provide the intellectual and technical know-how to improve Haiti’s standing in the engineering field. To achieve this mission, we constantly thrive to offer high quality engineering education and discover new knowledge. This is the only way, as an institution of higher education, we can improve the city of Les Cayes, the region and the entire country.

Currently, the American University of the Caribbean offers a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. For more information about this degree program, prospective students may contact the Admission Office.